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Kavi Machinery Co., Ltd.. Sti. Engaged in the manufacture and export of institutionalism machines since 2005. Institutionalism CNC machines have made the first team in Turkey, together with a large production area, continuous progress, able to respond better and more targeted customer's requirement too. In this way, the industry's most recognized brand has become a trusted and best. Kavi machine, production and projects in line with the needs and demands of the sector, while maintaining support after öncesive Master Planning with years of experience, customer relations reached the level of friendship. Over the years, whether they respond to the needs of customers, customers with new and advanced technology aimed at tanoıştırıp contribution to the economy of Turkey kavi machine that pioneered the world's largest companies in the sector have proved that choice.

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Established Date: 2005  Tax Office: Sultanbeyli  Tax Number: 5290435085  Staff Count: 6-10  Export Specialist: Fatma Manolya AKKAYA